Sometimes helping new residents is rewarding and fun. I gave some camera tips to someone who just signed up for an account the end of last year. When she saw that a gallery owner was calling for Alice-in-Wonderland themed art and photos to be submitted for a party and a show, she wanted to know about uploading and sharing textures.

She was surprised when the gallery curator liked her three pieces and accepted them. In real life she’s an artist but doesn’t want to bring her work in world now but this is a big and thrilling deal for her.


The pieces are available for viewing and purchase through the end of this month at  the Alice in Wonderland exhibition. I went to look at them and really liked some of the work. There are different styles from several photographers.

When you land, there’s a gallery with other pieces to the right of this scene. The Alice themed art can be found after walking across the bridge and through the tree as pictured above. The photos are displayed on the large playing cards.

This is also a hang out place and when you walk up the ladder above where the cards are, there’s a dance floor.