Somewhere on the Mainland_01Doesn’t this look inviting? These pictures were cropped–nothing else was changed. 

After two and a half years in Second Life, I’ve become more aware of the mainland and it’s opened up a whole new virtual world for me. I’ve loved exploring it and I’m going to be blogging about that more, whether or not anyone else is interested.  

People leave virtual reality all the time, for various reasons and I’ve just come through a period where I’ve questioned staying. Much of what I dislike there, as well as in the world of blogging, are things I don’t care for in my culture.

There are better things for me to do than write cranky, critical posts that no one cares about, so where was I going to go? What can I take pictures of and write about?

Somewhere on the Mainland_02Three things I value–sustainability, community and creativity–are things I’ve seen on the mainland.

I’ll still enjoy the showcase places that are so well covered, of course. I’m going to quit explaining it now and just do it.