Isle of Mousai

Most of the time when I teleport somewhere, the sim is empty. Unless it’s a shopping event.

When I first went to Isle of Mousai, I used a SLurl in a blog post and arrived just in front of the stage during a live music event. Before things turned from gray to recognizable things, I ran off. /me laughs. Then I took this picture after noticing that I’m not the only avatar who shows up wearing a formal gown just anywhere.

I wandered off to look at the architecture since my audio isn’t working on my SL laptop. It reminded me a lot of Templemore and then I came across a sign for a group joiner and learned that indeed, the two places are connected. The group joiner thingy mentioned something about becoming a hipster and in that impulsive, spaced-out way I’m sometimes being in, I considered it.

But then I came to my senses. No audio, already having to turn off group notices and chat because I get too many, and realizing that I’ve turned into someone who’s become annoyed with hipsters, it wouldn’t be worth it just to have the group tag, “hipster’, if that’s what it is.

I’ve turned off seeing display names and tags in my viewer because I’ve been having trouble with too many distractions but I’m mindful of what my tag says. I’m getting in the habit of changing them when I move location and avoid having “member” floating above my head when I can.

I’ve been helping a friend with several small mainland parcels and she created a group for a few of us. Instead of “member” I got to choose what my tag says and what I’ve got is “happy now?”.   I’m rather pleased with it.