These are my favorite pictures I took at Pangloss. Mostly I just went there to sit and contemplate.

Recently I went back to get a SLurl for this post, (because people tell me that’s a big deal even though my SLurl’s rarely get clicked on), and I got “no valid parcel”. I tried a few days later and there is another adult club being built there.

The Wendigo Lake roleplay sim closed recently.

And The Tudor Rose sim has limited access. I’d posted about attending the Coronation of Elizabeth 1 and mentioned I’d watch for links to the videos that were filmed that day. I’m a member of the Tudor Rose group but several weeks later I wasn’t able to get back in so I contacted the owner to find out what’s going on.

Only members of the Court have access now, due to the usual problems. A creative person with a life can’t babysit a sim. Anyway, I prefer to be a commoner; almost everything I knew about history has vanished, so I was going to pass on applying for inclusion in the Court. I was granted access for blogging purposes and it’s possible for anyone interested to get involved with permission.


On Saturday, the 8th, the entire Ivory Tower of Prims vanished for a while. I’m not sure what happened but the Lab had to help, which I’m told doesn’t often occur. It was suggested that we hug a Linden if we see one. I’ve heard rumors that they exist but have never been in proximity of one.


My human has been busy in her life: sometimes when I log on all I have time for is to make the rounds to see if my sky box, little cabins, and the homes that I have access to are still there. I have prims down in all of them, and guess I’d be notified of their returns if one of these places suddenly vanished.

And maybe if something vanishes it will reappear again.