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The coronation of Elizabeth 1 took place on January 15, 1559 in Westminster Abbey. On Saturday, January 18 a coronation was held at Tudor Rose in Rosemont and I was fortunate to be able to attend.

My photos aren’t very good but there was a film guy in attendance and I’m hoping to see the finished result at some point. The sim was closed to the public during the event but I got a place on the list as a visitor and kept silent while I was there.

coronation_010I stood behind the ropes as was directed. The seating was all reserved.

Mary of Scotland had been buried on December 14, 1558 about a month before Elizabeth’s coronation. Last month the Tudor Rose group sent a notification of Mary’s death but this being a virtual world she was in attendance at this coronation. The event inworld began on time and was efficiently carried out.

[11:07] Mary I of Scotland wipes off her cloak.. mumbling under her breath..”damn commoners.”

(( Pearl laughs ))


Shopping for an outfit for the event was unpleasant. I hadn’t seen what others wear on the sim and was guessing. I started on the marketplace and was surprised that the links to see gowns at inworld stores were not up-to-date; many of the stores no longer exist. The gowns are quite expensive for something I’ll probably wear only once. I don’t care for the huge skirts but that’s what I thought was most accurate. In the end my gown seemed too pastel and the skirt too full compared to the rich looking gowns of the others. I wore a Truth hair updo that I have in inventory and kept my AO on even though I seemed really fidgety compared to everyone else, many of whom had bowing and curtseying movements.

The Queen’s beautiful gown was very much like the real life historical one and must have been specially made.

coronation_013My preferences were set for my ease of movement instead of for graphics as usual. After the ceremony the sim was reopened to the public and it was party time.

But I’ve not been well and was exhausted so I crept out to the courtyard and vanished, glad that I’d been able to attend and hadn’t felt too awkward.