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haunted_01Just playing around with the toys of technology. These photos were taken last month at The Forgotten Rift, a dark, medieval fantasy roleplay sim that seems to still be under construction. 

The beginning point was to take photos of the Caroline Blue Dress I’m wearing from KaliKo.  It’s a Western Victorian era summer dress and was a gift from Kaliope Karas. Kali is a roleplayer and the dress was made for the Deadwood sim.

Deadwood is closed and undergoing a rebuild into Gehenna Crossing. The construction is taking some time and when I last visited in order to have a location for my shoot, there was no background suitable. When it opens, there just might be Vampires there. haunted_02I wandered around The Forgotten Rift, not feeling the cold. I find cemeteries attractive and posed in front of one. 

haunted_04The detailing on the dress is gorgeous. In the end I was pleased with the results.