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haunted_01Just playing around with the toys of technology. These photos were taken last month at The Forgotten Rift, a dark, medieval fantasy roleplay sim that seems to still be under construction. 

The beginning point was to take photos of the Caroline Blue Dress I’m wearing from KaliKo.  It’s a Western Victorian era summer dress and was a gift from Kaliope Karas. Kali is a roleplayer and the dress was made for the Deadwood sim.

Deadwood is closed and undergoing a rebuild into Gehenna Crossing. The construction is taking some time and when I last visited in order to have a location for my shoot, there was no background suitable. When it opens, there just might be Vampires there. haunted_02I wandered around The Forgotten Rift, not feeling the cold. I find cemeteries attractive and posed in front of one. My raw photos didn’t look so great so I played with them in PicMonkey and like the way these moody pictures turned out.

haunted_04The detailing on the dress is gorgeous. In the end I was pleased with the results.

I may not be a brilliant writer, sim builder, costume maker or photographer but I have access to these tools in which to learn about the creative process. The feeling of curiosity about next steps and the satisfaction of incremental improvements are part of the journey. A journey that hopefully doesn’t include too much comparison and also dependence on the feedback and opinions of others.

Like most creators, it feels good to share and hopefully add value and inspiration to the lives of others, however fleeting.

It’s true that our culture is now flooded with mediocrity and attention-whoring in some respects but some of us don’t want to live lives of being eternal fangirls, consumers and cheerleaders.  The key for me is to lean into a feeling of accomplishment and exploration and away from craving and dissatisfaction.