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painting_005The UK artist, Hamish Blakely, isn’t actually in Second Life but some of his art can be found there. In the above photo I’m looking at two of my latest acquisitions in my skybox, not including the center art which came with the build; I like it enough to keep it there.


The art can be found in the gallery in Calas Galadhon. When you arrive at the main landing, you can stroll past the little shops and the gallery is at the end on the left. The sales help to support the Calas Galadhon park sims, which are treasures in SL

painting_002That gallery was my first exposure to Hamish Blakely that I recall–actually, I think there was a blog post before from Calas alerting readers and explorers that the art is available. When I did some research online I couldn’t find much available but someone who did track it down also discovered my blog since I’ve mentioned Blakely before. And then I discovered that fascinating blog which is outside the realm of SL. I’m going to make time to read it like a book.

In the above photo I have a copy of one of the paintings in my Wendigo Lake roleplay cottage.
painting_001And above there’s another copy in a country place where I had decorating rights. The landlord wanted out of the real estate business, citing too much work, so the place is gone now but was an enjoyable retreat while it lasted.