Goodnight Homestead_005These are photos I took last month at the Goodnight Homestead. It was a peaceful and relaxing place. The quiet invitation in one of the blogs here is a reason I like to make sure I don’t miss at least skimming through the wordpress Second Life feed.  

Goodnight Homestead_001There’s no SLurl today because the homestead is closed to the public for a rebuild.

Goodnight Homestead_003If this winter season is any indication of the rebuild I’m sure I’ll enjoy it, not only hanging out for a while but also the great views that make photography such a joy.

Goodnight Homestead_006Many residents share their homes and creativity with others, something I love about being inworld.  

Goodnight Homestead_007The real life weather has been mild for January and I’ve been feeling well, taking several walks along the river.  The geese and ducks are very noisy and other birds were quite vocal as well. The sun was shining and folks all seemed to be in pleasant moods.