painting_003Santa scared me in Calas Galadhon. I was on my way to the art gallery that has work by Hamish Blakely. I took a photo of the front of the gallery for a blog post I’m planning and bought two more paintings.

Mission accomplished for the area, I took a more leisurely stroll in front of the shops and didn’t notice the info about Santa’s availability for posing in holiday cards which is in front of the building that shows the businesses which are friends of Calas.

I could see through the window that the decorations were lovely and I wandered in while responding to IMs. I did not see Santa on my way in.

I’ve had dragons breathe on me, been enticed by Vampires and all manner of creatures have landed on me as I make my way around the grid. But my guard was down, I was relaxed and truly startled by Santa as he moved ever so slightly towards me.   

Mad City Christmas_005He might have scared me but he was certainly more pleasant than the Santa I saw in Mad City.