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Tudor Rose_09

This is the best shot I can get of the outside of the immense, awesome Cathedral at Tudor Rose, a role play sim. I posted photos of the inside on the twelfth. The place is open to visitors, medieval clothing to be worn. Tudor Rose_06I entered some of the buildings. You can’t tell by the picture, but when you move over these lovely items inworld, you’ll find they are for sale.

Tudor Rose_07This is an art gallery. I fell in love with the paintings and have returned, dragging friends with me several times. The work doesn’t appear to be for sale. I did research and found a link to a blog and am going to revisit this and write about it more in depth in the near future. 

Tudor Rose_08The castle is massive. I wandered about it thoroughly. It was created by the same person who made the Cathedral and I can’t find the notes I took right now. All these photos were taken on my first visit when I was not wearing medieval clothing.Tudor Rose_10There are some “country” buildings past the woods on the sim. I’ve joined the group although it isn’t the sort of set up I’m used to with residences and such. Notifications are sent out on the day something happened in the 1500’s as though it were happening in real time. There are events and it doesn’t seem to require a lot of time to be involved.

Time is something I don’t have an abundance of right now but this is a place I want to return to at least a few more times.