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This is a photo taken at L and L Square, the creation of Lizzie Gudkov and London Junkers. It was taken early this year. I’ve wandered the different floors of the castle, which is also a store, many times.

Almost all the items for sale are outfits, Victorian, kimonos, Goth clothes and the like but there are also areas to hang out in. At first glance it might seem as though the areas are totally unrelated in the random way that things in Second Life often are. There was, and may still be, a pool table on one floor and then this zen garden is on another. There’s a church on one of the upper floors with light filtering in the windows.

What happened was that I would get inspired to write every time I visited. I had a story about reincarnation that is a little different than most might be. I would edit the story and then my photography skills would improve a little and I wouldn’t be happy with my previous pictures. I’d like my photos better and then I wouldn’t be satisfied with my story. (It will never be shared, I’m almost sure.) Yet, I’ve enjoyed the creative process and cannot understand why this place seems to stimulate my imagination.

L N L SquareI returned recently to make sure the Slurl is still valid. London Junkers was there, likely working on something or the other. It was snowing and a snow man was grinning near the landing.

Perhaps it’s because Lizzie Gudkov is a writer and accompanies her short pieces with images from virtual worlds that makes the scenes in this place seem mystical and substantial to me.

Or maybe it’s just an accident?