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spaces_10_11_01Sustainability is something I’m passionate about and the last few months I’ve been observing use of space and listening to people talk about tier costs and the challenges of owning clubs and role play sims and such.  

While it’s wonderful to dream big and there are no guarantees, it doesn’t look to me like people can depend on others to support their vision in a huge way, especially when those others have their own visions.
spaces_10_11_02A good friend has one of those mediadeck rentals where you can change the environment by clicking on a menu. I have access to the controls. Some are huge homes but others have multiple buildings. There’s an old western town and then there’s this slum city shown in these photos. While not beautiful, the space is used well.   

spaces_10_11_03This is one of the most hideous bathrooms I’ve seen in Second Life. A lot of the scenes are photos like of one texture. I’m not sure of the terminology.

spaces_10_11_04There’s even a bus that can be driven around the streets and an underground area. I had to choose carefully when it came to the shots here because there are many offensive things. But still, creativity and good use of space. 

Mediadeck_007And finally, my favorite of all the seclections, Pink Cottage.