Enchantment_04You know how you can find insight and ideas while driving or doing the dishes? That happens to me while wandering around the grid. Sometimes I spend much longer than anticipated and that’s what happened when I went to Enchantment.

Enchantment_01I got the SLurl from a blog and don’t quite recall the details but it seems to be a shopping thing with a fairy tale theme. The shopping stuff is near the landing and then off to the side was a place to explore. 

Enchantment_02This was one of the very first winter areas I visited this season. I just followed the path up into the castle, something I might have not had the patience to do another time.

Enchantment_03And when I was tired of walking I sat and reflected. And I didn’t feel the cold at all.

Enchantment_05I think the theme changes every few months. I enjoyed my visit.