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Tudor Rose_01One of the most amazing buildings I’ve seen inworld is the cathedral at Tudor Rose. I don’t recall where I first got the landmark to this sim but I didn’t enter in front of the information board. I’ve since gone back to visit several times.

Tudor Rose_02There was no one on the sim when I arrived late at night. I’d had been dancing earlier and was wearing a formal gown. I learned later that Tudor period attire is to be worn when exploring the area.

Tudor Rose_04It is a roleplay sim and there aren’t a lot of rules. I joined the group and haven’t been bothered with a lot of group messages. One thing they do, which I like, is send notifications on the day something relevant happened in history as though it’s in real time and in the language style of the era. 

Tudor Rose_05One day in November, there was a notification about the death of Mary of Scotland. The owners seem to know and love their history.

They’ve also sent notice of balls people can attend. Most of us have a few medieval outfits in our inventory and it seems those will work. I didn’t get the impression I’d need to be a scholar to be welcome, just an interest and basic good manners and common sense.

Tudor era gowns are distinctive and I’ve had a look on the marketplace and at an inworld store and want to investigate this further.

I have more pictures to post in a few days. I recognized some of the buildings and layouts of medieval villages I’ve played in and visited and it’s amusing how good that felt. The cathedral itself is not to be missed.