seni seviyorum_001Well over a month ago I visited Asalia in Seni Seviyorum after seeing it featured in a couple of blogs. It was autumn then. When I checked the landmark to see if it was still there I saw that winter had arrived and I enjoyed spending time looking around again.

seni seviyorum_002

It’s generous of the creator to share the place with visitors. There are places to hang out and also to photograph. seni seviyorum_003

I have photos of these same views from autumn and will post them tomorrow.seni seviyorum_004

It began as a mad dash but then I relaxed and immersed myself in the experience which is one of the things I log in for. seni seviyorum_007

There are some pilot training rides on the porch.seni seviyorum_006

I like lots of detail in interiors–I’m a cluttered look girl myself. There are whimsical items around and a pleasant environment to hang out in.  seni seviyorum_005There are several cats around just waiting to be petted. It’s a lovely place to visit and I’m looking forward to the changes in spring.