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rhps_005A couple of weeks ago I got to see Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Paramount Playhouse Theater. I’d been working on something and a friend wanted to go out. I’m not sure what event search she used but we got there two minutes before it began and then learned that it was opening night.


Fortunately it seemed to be come-as-you-are. We didn’t look too out of place although there were all sorts of attire going on. Many people there seemed to know each other and local, (which I usually don’t read) was all positive from what I saw.

The performance ran smoothly although there were a few delays. Most people seemed to know to remove scripts although there was a gentle reminder. My audio doesn’t work on the laptop I was on but I know the songs and there was text so it was an amusing experience for me. rhps_006It was my first visit to the Playhouse. The outside of it, where the landing area is, is nothing special but the performance was great and everyone is to be commended. They seem to have other things going on during the week as well. All the information is efficiently available in prominent areas.