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tiols_12_4_001…but I’ve been enjoyably busy in all my lives.

I’ve gone places and took pictures and now have a few posts lined up. There are several places I’ve visited that have snow. I recently checked the landmarks to make sure things are still there but much of what I write is from relying on my memory. As I’ve mentioned before, this is a subjective blog about my experiences.

Much of my time has been spent helping a friend get her roleplay sim going. It’s a lot of (creative) work and I’m glad I’m not doing all the work part. I’m learning a lot and having fun as well.

It’s an immersive, island survival sim. Called The Island of Lost Souls, visitors are welcome. She just ask that there be no out-of-character chat in local. The landmark takes you through the ooc landing area from which you can get information and teleport to the island below. Much is still under construction but we have a small group of players already.

Otherwise, I’ve been grabbing SLurls from blogs and making mad dashes places so I won’t miss too many things.