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Lovecraft Festival_016

Speaking of great use of spaces, the 2013 Lovecraft Festival is going on through tomorrow. There are activities, things to explore, shopping, and it’s in support of autism awareness. It’s presented by the H P Lovecraft rpg and they’ve done well in setting it up. I think I went last year although I didn’t blog it.   Lovecraft Festival_004Near the landing point is a building with resources and information about autism. Some of the most heroic and non-sheeple like folks my human knows are the parents of autistic children. 

Lovecraft Festival_008There’s shopping, things I don’t often see available. Steampunk items, gadgets, fractal tattoos and such. It was the first time I’ve tried one of the gatcha things that are so popular now. In the above photo I’m making friends with a tentacle. 

Lovecraft Festival_013There are rides and creepy houses to explore.

Lovecraft Festival_019I got caught up with my IMs and notecards while sitting in the asylum after exploring every gruesome room.

I’ll have a few more pictures tomorrow. The festival is worth a visit.