tt_10_11_01I visited Takeuti Town immediately after reading Honour McMillan’s blog about it but that was a little over a month ago. What interested me (besides the gorgeous pictures of course) was the mention of how well the space is utilized.

I’ve been helping friends as they plan and create sims, witnessing their frustration and considering the subject of sustainability, something I feel passionate about when it comes to creativity in these times. Actually when it comes to most things these days.

tt_10_11_02It is indeed an efficient use of space. I liked exploring the area and had no problem with the language difference.  

tt_10_11_03I went inside and appreciated the details of the interior spaces.

tt_10_11_04The spaces were small but it wasn’t too difficult to move around.

I happened to be wearing an Asian dress that was my hostess costume in the Wendigo Lake Tea House which I wore almost everywhere for several weeks. tt_11_12I returned this week to make sure Takeuti Town was still there and posed near the landing area. One of those drunk girls was passed out in the playground.

Tomorrow I’l have a few more photos of some of the interior spaces..