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athanselidor_02There are several scenes in the third episode of the new Dracula series, the one called Goblin Merchant Men, that reminded me of the old monastery at Anon, the Gate shown in the photo above.  I missed the place and teleported over: the pigeons are doing fine.

The Athan Selidor Archipelegos are part of the reason I stayed in Second Life when I was new, alone and having a really rough time.

The courtyard with the blossomed tree is shown in the episode in a scene when Mina is at an absinthe party after her engagement is broken. It’s also the location of a much earlier time, a very gruesome scene in which Dracula is being turned from human. While I don’t care at all for film violence, I do like good storytelling, acting and sets and I’m generally feeling favorable towards this series. I’ve been quite busy during the days, rushing about and then eating dinner while watching television. I’ve been running into the same situation I have with the show Bones, I’m eating dinner and then realize once again that there’re some really gross, disgusting, graphic scenes. With this episode I’d settled down with some lasagne, (gluten-free, not cheap) and there was some really horrid stuff happening on screen.

Usually I dislike the sex scenes on television but this series is doing it very well. And I love Dracula’s London home.

After I visited the monastery in Second Life I moved on to the other areas and saw that all was well. I quit taking pictures and planned to return to the sim for that sometime soon.

Alia Baroque has been rebuilding Fallen Gods Inc. for a while now and I’ve been returning to check progress. I like some of the more classical elements that remind me of the wondrous Magnificat at the 2013 Fantasy Faire. I looked at the changes and also wandered around Old Town.

My photography skills have improved since I’ve been there so I want to visit again in the next few months whether the rebuild is done or not.