Neva Sky Villi_007Weeks ago I enjoyed a visit to Neva Sky Villi. There’s lots of lovely little spots to look at and hang out. I especially enjoyed post processing the photos I took there.

Neva Sky Villi_008There are some private homes, shops, an art gallery and spaces for other activities. I’ve gone back twice since, both times taking a friend.

Neva Sky Villi_014I’m not sure if I used region settings for the sun here; anyway, I edited the photos in picmonkey.

Neva Sky Villi_015Neva Sky Villi is gorgeous and doesn’t need to have photos enhanced; maybe that’s part of why it’s taken me so long to post these.

Neva Sky Villi_002This is the fountain that’s near the landing area.

I’ll post a few more photos tomorrow.