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atnevaskyvilliSometimes Second Life is more enjoyable when I can forget about photography and blogging for a while.

The next two days I’ll post photos taken at Neva Sky Villi. They were taken several weeks ago but I’ve returned several times since then. The raw shot above was taken there.storm_001I’ve a new roleplay life, having recently been stranded on a tropical island. Fortunately I have my dog with me. I’ll like this during the winter especially and while there’s danger, there are no vampires or werewolves here.

moving_outI moved out of my room at the boarding house in Wendigo Lake, having finally caught up with the owner who I suspect is not human. The police seem to need to be called in almost every evening there.

moving_inI moved into a small house, also in Wendigo Lake. My roommate is human, like me. I’m now working in a biker bar owned by werewolves (of which I’m not aware yet).

The two pieces of art on the wall behind me are from the Placebo Gallery in Second Life, curated by Seraphim Placebo.

I also have a life in 1850’s London.