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templemore_01I’ve still been visiting destinations inworld, just not snapping pictures or blogging them as often lately. The Second Life blog feed last week was about highlights from the destination guide; I’ve just made a brief visit to four of the six listed.

I have photos for intended blog posts about Neva Sky Villi, Takeuti Town and some city slum photos from a halodeck.  Those visits happened weeks ago and I hope to blog those soon.templemore_02Hesperia of Templemore is said to be dedicated to live music in SL. I love it for the architecture. There’s quite a variety of houses and other buildings and I recognized some from my favorite creators. Somehow it all works together. This place could easily be in my top favorite sims along with Roche, Athan Selidor Archipelegos and the Gulf of Lune. I intend to visit often. 

templemore_03I didn’t visit the Jerky Turkey Hunt 3 or the Grey November Gallery. (I visit the Gallery from time to time and have an animated picture by Rodriguez Munro on one of my walls.) 

I stopped by The Well but didn’t want to get the hud and I couldn’t get in without it. I simply wasn’t up for the frustration and humiliation of not being able to focus and figure out whatever the mystery or hunt is.

Otium_01My next stop was Otium. I don’t have a SLurl for you but I see it’s being blogged at this time by others so it can easily be found. I did all this last night after getting stood up by my roleplaying partners due to First Life. There were quite a few newbies around.  

Otium_02I’m afraid that my four photos of Otium mostly feature some of the newbies. I haven’t seen any for a while and I do believe they really were fairly new although I didn’t check profiles. Here’s to their Second Lives; may they have amusing, gentle and expanding experiences.

Otium_03Well maybe she isn’t so new.

Otium_04I guess I wasn’t so much into being on another beach right now since I’ve started another roleplay journey, stranded on a tropical island. This is in addition to my life in Wendigo Lake and the Victorian life I also have. I’m really having to make efficient use of my time as my human’s life has also gotten busier. 

rockabillyMy last stop was at the Rockabilly Fashion Fair. It was crowded and I had begun to run out of time. The fashion isn’t quite my style but I like the picture above.

As of this evening I haven’t seen any blog posts (and I am behind in my blog reading) that feature the Templemore City. I’m looking forward to them though because I am very impressed with the place and there are quite a few virtual photographers and bloggers who do excellent work showcasing destinations. I highly recommend anyone visit.