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Here are my best photos from my visit to Romy Nayar’s Overto Omonto. May this serve as a reminder that you possibly intended to visit, either for the first time or to return.

A few weeks ago I went to see the insallation, more than once. Several well-known bloggers were posting about it then and I was busy with other things. My human has been writing a lot of posts in her head as she attends to her life. We keep thinking, “hmmmm better not actually post that.”


The colors here are soothing, there’s space and it was a refreshing break from the SL drama, the hunts that are too difficult, and many of the Halloween events that I felt too uninspired to blog about this year.

There is something to do here besides just look at art. You can collect a latin word by interacting with each lonely figure and make a sentence for use in setting the figures free. My sentence didn’t work at first; I soon discovered it was because I’d capitalized the beginning of it.

I’d made the numerous visits because I’d been getting interrupted with IMs. Sometime Second Life is a lonely place; other times everyone wants me at the same time. Today we had the thought that the installations are possibly available for two months only and we’d better post the photos soon.


I’m aware that I’m jumping around with “I” and “we” here but this is my subjective blog and I’m a little sad and annoyed.

Most of the difficulty in my human’s life is that she’s always embraced change and is hyperaware of what’s “wrong with the picture.” Most of the people in her life embrace the status quo and want things to go back to the way they were.

But here she is, dismayed with some of the directions things have been going in. These are our feelings; you’re welcome to your own of course, but there’s no time or energy for argument.


My human attended college and had to live in the dorm her freshman year. At first she liked everyone; then came the weirdness of rushing sororities and fraternities. So maybe she’s a misfit and a contrarian but it saddened her to see what she perceived as the diminishment of uniqueness among the other students.

We aren’t a fan of blogging memes. That’s all that will be said about that.


There are numerous reasons for blogging, no judgement, but some of the blogs we’ve previously enjoyed now have so much stuff on them that they take forever to load. Our computer is what it is but many other blogs don’t take for-frigging-ever to load and those are the ones we’re likely to read.

I still travel inworld and see many wonderful and empty sims. Many are loved and well thought out themes but they don’t have the very latest mesh creations that the famous creators have made. I’ve met store owners, many of them wonder why they should bother having a main store when avatars seem to want to flock to brief shopping events. I’ve gone to some of those events, or rather tried numerous times to get into them only to find people standing around and the region was about full.

I must be one of those old and cranky people because I’m weary of endless shopping and then listening to contacts complain about their bloated inventories. I too have been enthusiastic about new items, especially since much of what’s being created isn’t really to my taste, only to be criticized for the way it was blogged here. Seriously, there’s only a few of us who are good enough and doing it right?

A few of my favorite blogs are very well-done SL fashion blogs. The best have bloggers who actually interact with others here.


I’ll continue to find my way inworld just as my human enjoys life even though she lives in a materialistic, conformist, attention-whoring culture. I’ll float along on my little raft and watch those big ole glossy, trendy ships pass in the other direction.

I believe this installation in the photographs is made of prims and I really like that.

Each and every one of us is important.