Burn_006I took a friend with me to several places I like to go to and she was surprised at how empty they were. Carefully I suggested that just as she spends a lot of time in her skybox, others do so as well. Sometimes it takes an effort for me to go out too but I usually would rather not log in at all if that’s how I’m feeling. The photo above was taken at Burn2 where I got my awesome gas mask and tinfoil hat.

Burn2_030I got trapped in one of those boxes for a while but eventually got out. By clicking “stand” of course.

Burn2_031When I’d previously gone alone, I noticed that the alien place in the photos above was near the camp of someone I know. She wasn’t at home so I got a couple of beers out of her fridge and rested a while by the campfire in front of her trailer.

Burn2_032Nearby is a temple with lots of great food.

Burn2_033That evening I got tired of walking around looking for the places I wanted to go back to so I appreciated being able to hop on and off of the balloon rides.


Burn2_035I was safe at all times, protected by my hat, no doubt.