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Burn2_036Here are more raw shots of my visits to Burn2 of which the SLurls and other details can easily be found on more widely read blogs. In the above photo I’m meditating and if you look closely you can see my protective aluminium foil hat with an electrical charge between the antennae.

Burn2_011There are lots of places to rest including a grouping of caravans with soothing colored tapestries.

Burn2_012There are interactive things and lots of dances to engage in.

There were plots still available. I noticed that some builds were on those 512 plots with 117 prims and I’m curious about whether people can use their premium membership for this. I remember reading that there’s an application process but this seems more accessible than other things in Second Life. Not everything here goes along with the theme and I was puzzled by some things. All skill levels seem to be represented and some areas have avatar’s names and nothing’s there yet.

There are some things that weren’t here on Saturday evening but were added later.

Burn2_013There are many free gifts including textures. There’s information about volunteering for Burn2 and resources for learning to build. One person to contact is Huntress–um I forget her last name. It often seems overwhelming to take steps to be more creative in Second Life but  this event seems more reasonable than most.

One of the things that keeps me in Second Life is the idea that it can be inclusive and that diverse people can express themselves. It’s awesome that some people are really skilled but I would lose interest if it were all about a few SLebrities that we all follow and are in awe of. The photography, blogging, art and making things–when we have an interest and are willing to invest in it, that should be enough.

Our lives are to be participated in instead of keeping our eyes on Stars too much of the time. My opinion and I’m sticking to it.

Burn2_014In the above photo I’m getting sucked up into a space ship along with other things including a cow.

I researched online to see what the theme for Burning Man 2014 will be; at first there was mention of “19th Century”, which I would love but looking into it more, I learned it was a joke.

Burn2_016This is one of my favorites here. You can pose on the circus ball and move the curtains and scenery. When I returned on Sunday night with a friend, she liked it too. The resident who put this one up was there and took a photo of my friend and me and gave us copies.

There are notably friendly and generous people participating in Burn2.