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Burn2_001The Burning Man theme this year was Cargo Cult which is also the theme for Burn2. SLurls and overviews can easily be found on widely read blogs. Most of the time I had my sun on the LL viewer set to midnight. I had to teleport out several times to attend to other things and changed the sun so I could see better. Frankly, I wasn’t paying much attention to photography. Avatars ought to experience this in person.

Burn2_002A more detailed view. If I’m recalling correctly, the balloon rides actually go into this huge building. There are frequent balloons going by and you can click on the seat and ride. There’s four seats on each balloon. Also there are ample opportunities to rez vehicles to get around more quickly. I tried one because it looked interesting but I had the usual difficulty steering.

Burn2_003Here above we have a burning pumpkin man. This is actually my second Burn2 post; yesterday I did one on the “Inside Art” plot.

Burn2_004There were a lot of old cargo planes as well as spaceships. This one has a chicken in it.

Burn2_005I can rarely resist getting some stimulation from this monster-maker whenever I come across it in Second Life. I actually own one of these which at the moment is in the basement of a hospital on a Victorian roleplay sim I play in.


There’s a large photo booth where you can click on the background to change it. Up to four people can pose. You’re supposed to be able to drop your full-perm photos in frames near the booth or also into a movie screen. It wasn’t working for me so I sent a notecard to Megan, who has the display plot. She’s aware of the issue and is working on it. You can also send her an url of the photos for the frames and so it isn’t necessary to pay an uploading fee, which goes along with the principles of Burning Man.

There may be a photo album available for those who want one and she may start a flickr group. Her project is about community.

Burn2_009There are lots of pretty lights and also places to do cool and interesting dances. You can see one of the tour balloons in the left of the photo.

This is all for now and I just realized there are no photos of me with my aluminium foil hat. That shall have to wait for another day.