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Burn2_029“Inside Art” is one of my favorite areas at Burn2 which is filled with amazing creativity and friendly people. All the links and detailed information are very well covered on other blogs. This is about my subjective experience. “Inside Art” has large pieces of art displayed on huge crates. Your avatar can “sit” in the art.

Burn2_019I easily recognize my silhouette in these pictures.  I cropped and softened them, corrected exposure and put a frame on them in picmonkey software.

Burn2_020I’ve taken a lot of photos of Burn2 which I intend to post this week. Most of them will be raw shots; I didn’t take notes and will be writing from memory. My visit was mostly for my own enjoyment but I haven’t seen a lot of blog coverage yet other than overviews. I also haven’t searched images on flickr but I want to share what I have.

I highly recommend checking out Burn2 and perhaps some of my photos will spark an interest in those who think they’re too busy to make time.

Burn2_021Fair warning–regular readers of my blog know I often include myself in the photos. In many of the raw shots I’ll be posting, I’m wearing an awesome tinfoil hat with antennae connected by an electrical charge. I want to wear it for a long, long time.

Burn2_023I went to Burn2 last year. I was only a little over a year old so it was the first year I was aware of it. I also visited and blogged about several Halloween sims. I’m not going back to check my archives but I don’t recall these two going on at the same time.

And things seemed to go on longer last year. Something’s different and more lowkey now; I’m not sure what. Maybe it’s just my perception. Of course everything’s changing rapidly; anyway I’m pleased I’ll have some pictures to throw in here and that I’m getting to experience such an ephemeral event.

Burn2_027Some of these scenes were at an angle and I wasn’t going for perfection; this one above amuses me.

Burn2_028There was some lag and several things didn’t quite work but it was so well worth it for me that I was able to easily have patience. way more so than usual.

Burn2_026I found SL10B to be interesting by I’m enjoying Burn2 much more. And I really love my aluminum foil hat!