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whiteraven_04When an avatar engages in roleplay and wants something they don’t see in existence, their human can learn to create it for them. That’s what one of my SL friends has done, making Elven items, Cyber-Punk decor and also jewelry for humans like me.

I don’t have the skills to do this yet, but I ask questions about the process of Winter Illios and also visit her inworld store, WhiteRaven Designs occasionally. I’ve tagged along with her when she’s looked for locations for her shop and  have several of the items she’s made, including some that aren’t sold in her store. These have all been gifts, not review copies. 


The photo above was taken at her main inworld location.  I’m not a fashion blogger; you’ll have to click on the photo to make it larger to see the Seraph necklace I’m wearing.

Usually I don’t wear jewelry because I’m lazy and can’t really see it but I like these. They’re available in several different stones and metals. When I asked if she’d make a more simple pairing, a brushed silver metal with a moonstone-like setting she did and named it after me, Pearl Grey. 


The photo above shows the outside the main WhiteRaven Designs store.

Winter has also made several different Asian Tea Houses; I have one of those. There are Rune sets as well.  These items can also be found at her marketplace shop.

whiteraven_03One of her favorite items are her Systems Displays. I’ve seen these on the Shadowrun roleplay sim of New Gomorrah. All these different things might seem like an odd mix but they’re useful for roleplay. Winter has played Elven characters on several sims that I know of.

whiteraven_05One of her items which she’s gifted me with is a set of low land impact Celtic stepping stones. There are seven different patterns in the set. The photo above was taken in the backyard of my friend Kate’s house which I’ve kind of taken over since she’s rarely online.

whiteraven_06I’ve also put them in front of my art cabin where I read sometimes.

whiteraven_07She offered me a choice of pattern for a room screen; I liked the Alien Deco 3 the best. Here I have it in the boarding house room I stay at In Wendigo Lake roleplay sim.

Wendigo Lake, which is still in beta. (/me sighs.)

When I learn to create things I might first make replicas of some real life antiques that my typist owns. I don’t know why we like multiple copies of items but I’m not going to over-think that one.

A while back I came across one of Winter’s stores inworld after having been coerced into joining someone who was doing a hunt; it was nearby to the store that was actually in the hunt. She’s since left that area.

The main inworld WhiteRaven Designs has quiet places around it to hang out; the Elven and Celtic influences can be seen.