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silvermyst_002Veil of Darkness is this year’s Halloween offering from the creators of the Calas Galadhon Park sims. There’s so much to see and I’m glad I made time from my usual Second Life shenanigans to check it out.

I used the region settings for light but kept my graphics low. It needs to be seen in person to be appreciated. Going with friends would be enjoyable as well as exploring alone like I did. You’ll find you aren’t really alone as the area is populated with the undead, severed remnants and all sorts of other interesting things.

silvermyst_010Some of the things you’ll encounter are amusing and some are gruesome.

silvermyst_012Here I’m caught in the web of a giant spider. I managed to escape.

silvermyst_013I didn’t get too terribly lost in the maze-like interior of the castle; I believe I saw most of it. I made it to the top and rested proudly for having survived the quicksand and ogres and such I endured on the way to the castle. But I couldn’t find my way out and had to teleport.

Yesterday I posted some photos of the swamp raft tour. Attention to the sound details are very well done as are the visuals treats.