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silvermyst_009Last weekend I visited Veil of Darkness and went back again yesterday evening because there are so many details to experience. These are photos of the swamp raft tour which I survived. The fate of some famous, beloved animated characters is shockingly not so fortunate.

silvermyst_008I chose to use the region setting but kept my graphics low for ease of movement. I seemed to be in less danger riding the raft and it was certainly easier, a little break after being chased by the undead and enduring other startling ghoulish occurrences.

silvermyst_007Veil of Darkness is shared with us by the creators of the Calas Galadhon Park sims. Besides the raft tour, there’s a village with a cemetery, a pavillion for dancing, a park ranger’s station and a dark castle with a maze-like interior. There are numerous photo opportunities. I especially enjoyed the yard in front of the visitor’s center and while my typist is usually very protective of me, we find having my avatar carcass surrounded by three vultures to be rather amusing.

No, there won’t be a photo of that but I will post more pictures soon.silvermyst_005It’s a very busy time of year in Second Life and Veil of Darkness won’t be open for much longer after Halloween. It takes a while to see most of it; the care and attention to details by the creators are evident.