dress from Fashionably Dead at this month's Collabor88

dress from Fashionably Dead at this month’s Collabor88

I’ve been taking a lot of photographs lately. I’ve visited several places for a quick look around and have stayed way longer than I first intended. And I’ve been staying up way too late at night.

The photos have been piling up because I haven’t been blogging much. My mind power is being used for things other than writing.

The places I went to see are great and I intend to post the photos soon. I’ve been to the Calas Galadhon Halloween sim called Veil of Darkness, Romy Nayar’s Overto Omonto, Neva Sky Villi and also Takeuti Town after reading about it on Honour McMillan’s blog.

Usually I wear whatever I had on for my last roleplay and that will be evident in the photos. The top photo here shows a new dress I just got this evening after working really hard on something. The photo below shows an outfit I’ve been wearing a lot lately.

dresses_001I wear it for my Wendigo Lake roleplay hostess job in a Tea House which is next to a house where a group of vampires live. I had recently deleted a dress I’d been using that annoyed me. It had a color change hud to look like eight different dresses which would have been great if I’d grown used to the way it fit. My typist has mobility problems and seeing distorted body shapes is physically uncomfortable for her.

Anyway, this is made by *-*Tans*-* and I took a risk because the store doesn’t provide demos. But the prices are low and I looked at the ratings on Taneisha Bandler’s marketplace store; people seemed happy with her stuff. If it hadn’t worked I intended to delete it instead of having yet another item clog up my inventory.

I’m mentioning it because when I wear this dress out exploring or shopping, everyone leaves me alone. Absolutely no one has bothered or tried to mess with me when I’ve been out with this on. Oh, and it comes with matching pumps, quite unlike the shoes most are wearing these days.