Recently I visited Death in the Desert.

“In the dark of the night, in the quiet of the desert, a cry is heard echoing in the night, who could it be?

Come solve the mystery set in Egypt! Hunt for clues, solve the puzzles, shop in the marketplace, get lost in the pyramid and party at the temple.”


The above photo was taken near the landing area; there’s a group joiner and some directions if I recall correctly. I noticed Death in the Desert listed in the destination guide. I just wanted to go somewhere by myself and wander around. I was pondering some difficulties I’d been experiencing in Second Life so didn’t really focus on solving anything although I did collect several clues and noticed enough to think it looks fun.

I learned this isn’t the first such mystery event; it seems to be available every year. It’s open until the end of October. With all the Halloween events happening you might want to go sooner rather than later. It works to go alone or with friends. When I was there it seemed to be mostly solitary sleuths and no one was behaving like a jackass.



I was easily distracted by the donuts in the Police Station and getting my mug shots. I’ve since left the Sleuth group, which gave hints and encouragements, because I really don’t have time to finish this. I still have my hud and some clues if I find I have the time and desire to take it up again.  deathdesert_04

There are some shops, the sponsors I think and I admired pieces of the decor and the build. There were things I’d never seen before.

Very few scripts are allowed. Usually mine are low but here I was over the limit. I noticed it was causing some confusion in the group chat, but it really wasn’t a problem for me. A message would show up on my screen indicating I had six minutes to fix it or leave. I took a few things off but it wasn’t enough. I then teleported out and back in again. I did that several times. and wandered around for a while before I got the warnings which seemed to be triggered in certain areas.



I got bit by a cobra but as you can read, I’m still alive to go on more adventures.  deathdesert_06


I got lost in the pyramid. There are a lot of spiders there. You can collect a torch outside of it which adds two scripts to your total. There’s a chance to use it for a while before you get the warning again about being over the limit. deathdesert_07There are quite interesting artifacts to look at and I enjoyed my visit, even if I didn’t solve the mystery. I’ve no idea what the prize is. But I got what I went for–a mild distraction while I worked through something.