Roche~September 2013_005

One of my favorite places in all of Second Life is Roche. A few days ago I made time to visit, to look at the little changes since I’d been there last. It was a quick visit and I chose sunset to view the place.

Roche~September 2013_001Well, maybe some were mid-day suns. I love this landscape. There’s a Windlight Magic_Hour region setting here on the LL viewer and I usually forget to use it.

Roche~September 2013_002My typist has been unusually efficient and productive and so I’ve gotten involved in several more projects. Because I was asked. I’ll do my best although some will not work out. Right now my mind is blank so I can’t even write about them.

Roche~September 2013_003This area above seems to have a few changes since I’ve been there. Months ago another blogger asked me about Roche and how to express appreciation. There are no tip jars around. I guess one could simply pay the owner through his profile. He’s there a lot and his profile states that he creates something inworld every day. It also states that he knows little English. I’ve never attempted to message him.

Roche~September 2013_004His avatar name is ddsm2 Mathy, called m2. His partner is hiyoko Mathy (mocha.bellic) who is often there as well. That biography says, “Leave me alone”, so it might be best not to tip there. 🙂

Roche~September 2013_006

I wasn’t there more than ten minutes but it was memorable once again and seemed to expand time for me. This is one of the gems of Second Life and if you’re reading this and you haven’t been to Roche, I highly recommend it.