hair fair_004

Sometimes I need to clear things out and let go. My typist has always been a natural collector. As a child she gathered leaves, rocks, bird nests and all matter of beautifully textured and colored things. Many things are like a trail of bread crumbs for her–possibly leading to the life of her dreams.

hair fair_002

But that doesn’t work so well when you can’t find things. It’s been said that organizational skills can be learned but like so many learned things there’s no good one-size-fits-all way to do it.

My inventory is a mess and I blame my typist because she’s in charge here. She’s been randomly working on this issue a little at a time, in all areas of her life. These are some photos she played with from this year’s Hair Fair. By now there are no notes as to what stores and creators these are from but I’m sure they were gifts. It’s fascinating how hair can change an avatar’s look.

hair fair_003

I’ve also let go of this London Skybox rental because I was never there except to change clothes. It seemed like I was living there a long time and I enjoyed furnishing it. My landlady was awesome–Chantal Eun, calling herself Milky Moo these days–and it was a good experience.


About a month ago I had my second rezday. Usually I can sense when something is up but this party was a real surprise. I didn’t consider that people still read profiles and pay attention to rez dates. This was a small group that I do Victorian roleplay with and a month later it still makes me smile.


New poseballs were tried to take a group photograph and it was like we really were drunk on champagne.

These days it’s so much easier to stay in the moment. The past and the future recede unless there’s something important to learn or understand.

A month later, this virtual rezday party seems no less real than my First Life birthday earlier this summer.