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autumn_01Happy equinox, dear readers, whatever part of the planet you’re on. One of the pleasurable things about this blog is seeing that people from all over the world stop by.

autumn_02I got an adorable little art cabin from Scarlet Creative. Two generous and dear friends have each offered to let me set a copy on their land. When I’m not roleplaying (or dancing) lately I’m moving furniture around and around. I’ve got five little places that I call home right now. Many avatars have more but they don’t check them at least once a day like I do, something my typist keeps a secret.

autumn_03In one of the cabins I put a chaise, a rug and a table for hot cocoa and books. I’ve left the walls untextured but have recently resized paintings to more reasonable proportions, which is growth. 🙂

autumn_04In the other cabin I’ve moved the Toronto Arts and Crafts set. I love having a studio.

My typist is thrilled to have found a way to begin working with encaustic in a professional studio that’s set up for it and is shared by scheduled workshops. Yesterday she had her first experience with the medium and finished four pieces. They are the least disastrous of any first-time thing she’s ever played with.

A new season and life is great!