clockwork spiral_003

A Clockwork Spiral is only open for five days so I made a quick dash over to look around. I love Steampunk and the build looks great; photography not being my first priority at all on this trip. This is it.clockwork spiral_005

I happened to be wearing Medieval/Fantasy peasant clothes at the time; I enjoyed seeing some very unique and stylish avatars roaming about. In the above picture I’m resting on a Steampunk contraption; these photos make the event appear empty of avatars which was not the case.  There was some lag for me but SL had been giving me difficulty everywhere I went.

At the landing there were the usual residents standing around talking about how bored they were. Out of all the regrets I might have, I’m grateful that one of them won’t be living in the most dynamic, amazing time ever so far and not having the eyes to see the treasures all around me.

clockwork spiral_002The above is a Nevermore Set by Senzafine that I’ve been admiring for a while but I have so many unused furnishings in inventory I’m still wavering.

Actually when not roleplaying lately I’ve been scouting shops, helping several people who are planning sims. Many of my suggestions and recommendations are not taken, but I’m finding the exercise to be worthwhile. I’m observing many changes in the way we create things in first life and the different ways people approach and navigate these processes. It’s fascinating to me; what people see as failures and false starts, I do not. It is rare we can have all our ducks in a row. The energies are making some appear more extreme in their quirks to the point of almost becoming caricatures of themselves.

The same in Second Life—the very real emotions people go through as they work on projects, have expectations and all that. With practice, I’m sure it will get easier. It’s just a new level to adjust to.  clockwork spiral_006So, I did shop, being somewhat healed from the seemingly overwhelming mercenary aspects that had begun to grate on me in virtual reality as well as first life.

Above I’m wearing a Steampunk outfit by Pale Empress. It’s in Velvet Green which is kind of hard to see in this photograph. I will likely be wearing it as much as possible for a while. I also got an Abney Park t-shirt. It’s only available at this event and is approved by Captain Robert which is really cool. One of my favorite songs of all time is The Wrong Side. Anyway, 100% of the t-shirt sales goes to The National Kidney Foundation.

I’ve been doing things and collecting photos; just not blogging them and that’s all right with me. Cycles and all that.