Gulf of Lune

Gulf of Lune

The day after the Calas Galadhon Park System re-opened after hiatus in August, I revisited one of my favorite places, the Gulf of Lune. I was more focused on enjoying the experience than taking photographs.


Later, I walked around in the water as I like to do here.

But when I first arrived I spent time looking at the new information and rules.

I wandered past the shops that are display only and was greeted by Truck and Ty who both looked handsome in their park ranger outfits. It wasn’t until later that I thought about a picture; I was focusing on my typonese at the time.

sep-gol_002 The home from Sea of Nurnen is now located here.

sep-gol_004And there are other additions as well.

In the art gallery just past the shops near the Calas entrance, I enjoyed looking at the new pieces by Hamish Blakely, which look right with the era. I bought one for my boarding house room in Wendigo Lake.

sep-gol_005It’s great they found a way to keep the ship.

sep-gol_006I checked on all the wildlife and felt I’d been on vacation when I logged off for the evening.