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boarding house in Wendigo Lake

boarding house in Wendigo Lake

Lately I haven’t been hiding in the skybox as much as usual. I have several “homes” at this time and no matter how carefully one chooses, there can be weird neighbors and the neighborhood may turn out to be more unsavory than it seemed at first.

my room in the boarding house

my room in the boarding house

The Wendigo Lake dark adult roleplay sim opened for beta play less than a week ago. I’ve joined the groups, including the land group, and picked out a room at the boarding house. I have one “domain point” and am allowed to place 50 prims. When the website is ready, I’ll be required to go through a character creation process and will need to be an active player to maintain my domain. This is much easier for me to choose a place now, as a human on my own, than for the clans, packs and families who will be living together in the larger dwellings.  

The owner and a colleague are working diligently on the website and I’ve very impressed with the patience, focus and humor they’ve displayed in the group chat regarding all the questions.

I got one of the first rooms because I pounced and I picked one that wouldn’t require much stair climbing. I hadn’t expected to be able to use my two pieces of Mission Furniture that I got at Collabor88 so soon. I also placed a deco chair I got at the Deco Genre from a few months ago and two wallhangings from the Asian Genre that’s going on right now. I put a yoga mat and a suitcase on the floor and also have a simple, low-prim bed and floor lamp. There’s a small vase with a white rose on the dresser.

I’m sure none of my neighbors will furnish their places in a similar style. Of course, none of the doors lock here. As more people move in and I can “hear” them in local chat; I have reason to believe that my character may not fare well.

neighbors_01When I brought some groceries back yesterday I saw this guy in the hall.

Victorian London roleplay

Victorian London roleplay

And whatever century I find myself in and whatever neighborhood, there are always dangers, disturbances and troubled characters.

Outside of roleplay and my skybox, I share a country home on the mainland with roommates. Our neighbors have ugly ban lines and I guess they have their reasons.

Our location used to be a club and the landmark is still out there. We don’t like to bother the landlord and haven’t had any serious trouble but people do get on the property. We’d been thinking it was one of us who kept lighting the fire in summer and also leaving the back doors open. Then we thought maybe it was a glitch with the cottage. But there’s a POST cabinet and a few other things that get opened and shut by someone other than us on a regular basis.

neighbors_03Today I put down a “bloody floor needs cleaning” prop. If I had the skills and more time I’d have a notecard giver about “the last person who trespassed”. Just kidding.

We don’t get to spend much time here and it’s nice to share with visitors. It’s a quaint little spot and we like it.