inside the Lodge at Wendigo Lake

inside the Lodge at Wendigo Lake

My typist has been surprised to learn that people she knows have had therapists recommend they give Second Life a try. She rarely talks about her experiences in virtual reality but lately it’s come up in conversations, mostly with people who speak of grief counseling they’ve had in the past.

Wendigo Lake_05Some of her friends have the sort of careers where their insurance and corporations offer counseling whenever disruptive things happen in their lives. She’s aware of SL residents who are there for such reasons but these are people she’s known a while and has been secretive with about her time spent in virtual worlds.

Wendigo Lake_06These photos were taken during my recent exploration of Wendigo Lake. SLurls can easily be found in today’s post by Honour McMillan and the post by Caitlin Tobias on August 22nd.

Anyway, my typist is a great listener and the anniversaries of loss make their way into conversations. Grief and regrets are kind of wave-like so there are the current feelings to be discussed as well as what the other person is doing for relief. Really, so much of what we choose to do is for the seeking to simply feel better.

It sounds like the Second Life recommendation is received after the client has nixed other suggestions for reasons such as having no time to make connections with others or being too exhausted to do much of anything when they get home from work.

Wendigo Lake_07When my typist has asked, their reasoning for not looking into it sounds like they don’t believe they can learn it. She thinks if she’s able to muddle through, finding value and learning more about herself and life in general, then they could do so as well.

Now she feels the need to hide her involvement less, as though the approval of mental health professionals makes it more legit. She could possibly sound a little smug, including her virtual reality therapy in the mix when she casually mentions some of her other self-care practices such as avoiding neuro-toxins as much as possible and staying well-hydrated and such.

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