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taken at the Lodge at Wendigo Lake

taken at the Lodge at Wendigo Lake

Yes, I’m walking down that street again and not only will I be falling in that hole but I’m jumping in. Like the adult child of alcoholics who keeps getting involved with substance abusers—wait, that’s all too dramatic.

My typist, being human, has her own types of cognitive dissonance; mine is beginning new roleplays in Second Life. I keep trying to make it right and with each disappointment I vow never again.

landing area at Wendigo Lake

landing area at Wendigo Lake

Thursday evening my irritable typist checked the WordPress blogs she follows and saw a post by Caitlin Tobias about a new dark, adult roleplay sim called Wendigo Lake. (If you want SLurls, you can access Caitlin’s blog through the column at the left and her post on August 22 is easily found.)

The beta period started today but it was open for visiting then and still is. I called one of the dogs to go with me and after checking my scripts with him and my new flapper dress I teleported over to take a quick look. I was very impressed, took about 40 pictures (and no, I won’t be showing them all) and looked around for about four hours.

I had to make some choices. I used low graphics for speed instead of ultra for picture taking. I didn’t take great reporter-ish notes because I wanted to go through every door that would open before the roleplay begins when it will, of course, be inappropriate.

Wendigo Lake_02The landing area is in a church. I went outside and a few steps to the right is a notecard giver with information one needs to get started. I was favorably impressed with the set-up and philosophy, although I’d not heard of World of Darkness. (I checked out several websites for info.)

I enjoyed seeing that the bus station is a building by eku Zhong, whose work I admire. (My photo didn’t turn out well.) Anyway, I liked that not only the architecture is pleasing but the landscaping as well. There are woods, fountains and other places to attack relax.  Some of the places have attractive furnishings and there’s also room for personal touches as the stories progress.

Wendigo Lake_03Two of my favorite places are the Chinatown, where I recognized some lovely POST things, and the Lodge which is gorgeous. There’s quite a diversity of businesses: a boxing club, flower shop, fortune teller, gourmet market, hair salon, funeral parlor, bars, bait shop, sweets shop, lounges and coffee shops. There’s also a Sheriff’s Dept. and jail. What I didn’t happen to see is a hospital–maybe that step gets skipped.

Jon Vetinari, the builder/owner, whom I have not met, was around the whole time I visited. I followed my general M.O. and left him alone. The notecards give steps to take for asking questions and requesting to join the beta play.

I’m going to give it a try. I’m still involved in the informal, private 1850’s London roleplay some friends are doing; that’s only been happening about an hour a week because of schedules and such.

And I will enjoy Wendigo Lake while I can. Earlier this morning, as I read the post by Yordie Sands about taking down her Harvest Moon Cafe and Zen Garden, I was reminded of the best way to experience the ephemeral nature of Second Life.

Wendigo Lake_04Regarding the roleplay, as usual, I intend to respect the privacy of others and generally shy away from complaining and negativity although I do tend to tell the truth as I experience it. My recent disillusionment with much of the inflated egotism, relentless commercialism and pressure to conform (regarding blogging) in Second Life has been fading, especially since I’ve been learning that I’m not alone in wincing at some of the trends.

So perhaps instead of saying I’m jumping into a hole again, I would best say that I’m willing to get back on the horse with optimism and to play with other creative people.