taken at Yordie Sands Harvest Moon Cafe

taken at Yordie Sands’ Harvest Moon Cafe

This evening I put on my kimono, called the dogs and returned to Harvest Moon Cafe (after checking my script usage) to experience the peace and beauty and discover if I could gather enough of my scattered thoughts to write a blog post.

One of the dogs, Luna, went with me and was patient as I changed some of my graphics, not all, to what is recommended.

I picked a great time–had the place to myself–and took some photos.

I’ve been doing other things inworld too. Someone let me have access to his mediadeck after assuring me I couldn’t break it. I’ve sampled about half of the approximately 67 scenes. Moods change and my favorites at this time are a simple hidden cove and an abandoned looking house with vintage wallpaper, lots of books and comfortable furniture.

HMC_004My typist has felt irritable about things, including being viewed mostly as a consumer to be marketed to in both first and Second Life, but I was allowed to go shopping at Collabor88 for the first time. That was mostly because this month there were actually things that reflect my taste. I got two dresses and two pieces of Mission furniture. I also got the somewhat prim-heavy, cute stag and bunny chairs (which have been renamed to be found more easily) and I can take them in and out of inventory on a whim.  I feel accomplished about all that and the actual shopping was even sort of an adventure. 


Life has been busy and I’m pleased I made time to revisit the Zen garden while it’s still available. There have been times in the life of my typist when she’s been attracted to Buddhism. It’s been of psychological and practical help to her especially in understanding Yin energy, which has it’s own strength, in this culture that emphasizes Yang and Masculine energy. At other times she becomes weary of intellectual pursuits, of which she sees Buddhism as one, but the images and ambiance in this place was quite restorative.

HMC_007When walking along the Greenbelt in first life, my typist keeps well to the right of the trail as she limps along with her cane; runners, cyclists and almost everyone actually pass her by. No one has been an ass enough to suggest to her face that since she’s unable to do what others can, she ought to just stay home and not bother to enjoy what is within her ability. In virtual reality it’s also possible for people to enjoy where they’re at, to accept what is and to express in a diverse way that is unique to them.


“Being preoccupied with our self-image is like being deaf and blind. It’s like standing in the middle of a vast field of wildflowers with a black hood over our heads. It’s like coming upon a tree of singing birds while wearing earplugs.”–Buddist nun, Pema Chodron.


“I think that by retaining one’s childhood love of such things as trees, fishes butterflies and…..toads, one makes a peaceful and decent future a little more probable.” –George Orwell