location--private land

location–private land

I hope I haven’t signed an agreement to let Linden Labs harvest my organs. I went inworld at an agreed-upon-time and was confronted with the new ToS. I accepted so I could get on with things and found it seemed to be causing a lot of speculation and confusion in some of my groups.

It appears to be too early for the deciphering to understandable terms in other SL blogs.

a new rp_001A few people that I met at my last roleplay have started up their own private one in a skybox. It too is set in 1850’s London. They are very new to roleplay and don’t follow the “serious rules” but have enthusiasm, vision and a willingness to learn.

The above photo is my “home” above the tavern there and I have some familiar decor items out. Funny how that can give a feeling of stability and groundedness.

roleplay tavern

roleplay tavern

Now that I’ve stood up for my right to manage my blog as I please, I haven’t been in the mood to post at all. The pressure to conform to standards other than my own has abated. I prefer to be laid back but I guess my willingness to appear uncool when pushed to an annoying level was underestimated.