My male alt, pleased to have his own Man Shack

My male alt, pleased to have his own Man Shack

One of my friends contacted me recently to tell me she had a present for my neglected male alt. I’d mentioned in a post that he was homeless and friendless. He’s still walking around as a mechanical circus avatar, which is fine.

She was shopping at L’aize Dayz and saw this “man shack” on offer. It’s supposed to be for when a guy is in the doghouse but most of the dudes in relationships that I know would love a little hideaway with a television, laptop, bucket o’ beer, sandwiches and a mattress.

So she bought it, set it up at her place and no, she and my alt have nothing going on. There’s neither time not inclination for that. Anyway, she had trouble with it, which turned out to be some silliness on her part. When something doesn’t work for me, I either delete it or let it clog up my inventory for ages. But she sent a notecard to the L’aize Dayz owner, Heavenly Villa, who turned out to be very patient and helpful—great customer service I was told!

Anyway, the man shack is for a fundraiser for Anthonys Republic. At the end of the conversation, Heavenly Villa thanked Kate for supporting it. She’d never heard of Anthonys Republic–turns out he is a resident, known and liked in the builders community. His business partner hadn’t publicized the fundraiser yet and I’m not sure how that’s going to work but when we checked out the story it’s very worthy and needed indeed.

Later I went with Kate to visit the Sculpty Republic place that Anthonys Republic and his business partner own–it’s for builders. Once again I wondered if maybe I’m thinking it’s way harder than it really is to learn to make things when you don’t have to do every single thing from scratch. I don’t have time to check it out further for a while though.

Now About The Lack of SLurls

This is a personal blog about what one avatar and her typist get up to in Second Life. I haven’t made agreements to promote anyone or anything here.

For you non-blogging readers, there’s a dashboard where the typist can see just how often a link on a page is clicked. Sometimes in the past Riverpearl has included links and SLurls and they have rarely, rarely been clicked on. Most of the places I’ve gone have been well-covered by more greatly read bloggers on or near the same date I’ve visited.

Oh, it’s easy to include SLurls you say? You know what her schedule is like? You know what her pain level and fatigue level is at the moment she’s typing a post? You know how many times the power light on the modem goes out in any given online session? Or when it does stay green, how many times the internet connection flickers off? How many times the laptop freezes or how slowly things sometimes load?

We’ve been leaving the information age for quite some time now. It’s an essential skill to learn to navigate life in other ways than to just be handed the next thing on a platter. If this were an advertising blog, of course it should be made easy for you to go spend your Lindens. But it isn’t. This is part of Riverpearl’s time to be expressive and my time in SL is her playtime. You can do what she does……go search out something if you really, really want to pursue it further.

And when you want something promoted, ask nicely, maybe offer something, learn that gratitude is not a sign of weakness or get your own damn blog.

We’re all happy with the Man Shack from L’aize Dayz. It can rather easily. be. found.