mainland_003Very little of my virtual life has been spent on the mainland and when I find myself there it’s somewhat of a visual shock. I never really plan on exploring it; usually I’ve been to visit places I like such as Beguiled Art Gallery and Studio or Placebo Gallery.

mainland_001After one such visit on the weekend, Riverpearl became engaged in a long-winded phone conversation so I got to happily explore during a time that she’s usually sleeping.  As usual I began walking and then got on a bus when it became available.  The landscape was very weird although I did detect a few changes since the last time. The bus was fired on by tanks as usual but we managed to carry on.

mainland_002There were conflicts with several old diesel trucks as to who had the right of way.  I seem to recall obtaining a truck quite like this; it was a gift from a grunge sim I visited several months ago.

mainland_004The bus was all over the place, weaving off the road, flying through the air, tunneling under the ground and landing in the water. It would struggle but eventually we would be on our way. After a while there was an invitation to tip the driver if one so wished. I chose to even though the driver was an incompetent maniac. Later, and to my surprise, I got a glimpse of the driver.

mainland_005Eventually the bus turned around or I was thrown off or something. Riverpearl was off the phone by then. There was an avatar nearby and we began to chat, which lasted for quite a while. I got a tour of his above average looking sim and then the new one–which is stunning.

What I’ve learned from encounters with builders or owners is that it’s best to leave them alone; they’re often working or dealing with something. When they are the ones that begin the conversation and proudly show their work, I enjoy making the time to appreciate and listen to their process.

mainland_006I’ve had tours given by other species and by vampires but this was the first time I found myself on a Gorean roleplay sim, one of the things I most avoid. The avatar was intelligent and well-spoken with a bit of humor and also had clarity of vision and was able to articulate that–something I find very attractive. His typist is retired military. However, it’s repellent to me to play at “earning the right to wear clothes” and calling someone Master.

The above picture is the older area; I quit taking photos for privacy reasons because not only did the newer area look great, it was built as a defense against raiding enemies. I only got to the top by small boat which he navigated and by teleportation. I would never, ever find my way around there again.

I had fun. You and I know that I’m not a clever spy scoping out the terrain, but how could he be sure?