home shopping townNot only am I slowly going through my inventory, the pictures on riverpearl’s hard drive need to be weeded out as well. It all takes time, made between doing higher priority things. The photo above is one that I like, taken in a place where there are home shops nearby. It was post-processed much later.

aaat_001What happened that day….I got an IM from an old friend who hadn’t logged on for months and months. For me, relationships are almost always a higher priority unless I’m in some sort of mood. We got caught up and I was relieved to know that her typist is alright. Soon my time was up and we all dashed off to our separate ways–my friend, myself and riverpearl, my typist.

My typist is making it clear that first life is first, Second Life is second and blogging….it’s further down on the list. Oh, she benefits from it…..but it’s mostly the posts she writes in her head while she’s chopping vegetables, taking the recycling out or putting a coat of primer on a board.  Those posts that never get typed and published.

She almost intentionally deleted her whole blog this weekend. But I convinced her that was too dramatic. I don’t want to be so reporter-ish anymore and she’s fed up with the people who’ve approached me inworld–people who aren’t bloggers–who tell me how people “should” manage their blogs.  Maybe I’ve somehow given the impression that I’m here to serve the agendas of others?

I Will Never Let You Go--taken at The Elegant Goth

I Will Never Let You Go–taken at The Elegant Goth

What she did instead, was to convert a lot of categories to tags. She’ll be using tags less and the main one will be “personal”. I’ll get to write more about what I actually do inworld. For example, this afternoon I needed a prop for a roleplay (yes; I know I’ve said never again) and I met this charming fellow.

Many of my readers are not bloggers at all. (For only a brief period of time I had the link on my profile). Most of them tell me they enjoy reading what I’ve posted. It’s for them and for myself that I write–as well as anyone else who finds value and interest in the content.

I must be careful here so riverpearl won’t get all worked up again. She has to put up with bullshit and “shoulds” in her life and doesn’t care to experience that in Second Life. She’s in no mood to indulge people who “need” blogs to be a certain way in order for their worlds to be more as they wish. Approaching people with requests is one thing; having a…….demanding attitude is another. My existence wasn’t in danger but the blog was almost trashed.

And that’s all I’m going to write about that today and maybe forever.


After I left my bony friend, I changed clothes and checked out what some other new friends were doing, possibly getting underfoot and chattering too much. They were gracious and I was in a more pleasant mood when we all went our separate ways.

They have lots of creative work ahead of them and I’m looking forward to what will be in the view above.