location: Placebo Gallery in Second Life

location: Placebo Gallery in Second Life

Back from vacation in Calas Galadhon and from exploring the Mechanical Circus installation, I returned to my London Apartment with the sort of insights one receives when they’re removed from everyday routines and surroundings for a period of time.

The apartment was all in order and the dogs doing well. Everything was tidy on the surface but I felt compelled to address my inventory. Drawers and closets are stuffed as are the filing cabinets. Submarines and rusty pipes, scrolls about magical poisons, silly hats and lots of roses–how can I be such a hoarder!

To be sure, I’ve done other things to keep from burning out–I’ve been dancing, explored a forest with a friend and visited her lovely home, committed to a roleplay project or two. I’ve also been to look at art galleries.

After my beginning, horrid period of being a new resident in Second Life, I found myself most at home in the roleplay sim of Legacies 1891. One of the shopping landmarks I was often given then was that of Rag Dollz and I have a collection of their Victorian dresses. While shopping, I’d also pick up other items that I fancied, mostly costumes.

Stuffed in a closet I found a kimono and parasol; I tried it on and at that point felt weary of organizing; I got one of the dogs and went to the Placebo Gallery to see the changes that curator Seraphim Placebo had made.

The art was gorgeous and the dog was pleasantly distracted by the little blue alien flying about just out of reach. (It can be seen if you look closely in the space between the paintings in the top picture.) Not wanting to go back to sorting closets I travelled to Tizzy Canucci’s gallery, which is in a mixed use area.

Tizzy Canucci's I wandered around looking at the pretty area and saw some lots were available to rent. It was more pleasurable to daydream about what kind of place I might have in the area–always good for procrastinating.

But all too soon I returned to my intentions for change that I’d considered while I was on vacation.