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mechanical circus_015It’s the last day to visit Mechanical Circus. These photos have been exposure adjusted and some are cropped. Region setting selected and draw distance ignored. They were taken before I picked up the gift avatar so any figures are all part of the installation, such as the one in the last shot.

This is also the last day of the Home Show where I got the Toronto Arts and Crafts set that I really like.

mechanical circus_013This might be difficult to understand but the blogger, riverpearl, and myself–the avatar Pearl Grey–are in negotiations about changes to this blog and how we spend our time in Second Life once again. We are not in agreement. Readers paying close attention may notice that the writing here is coming from different points of view at times. Of course we are very close but there really are some differences. 

mechanical circus_016I do believe I’ll be writing a little about this in the near future which may not be of interest to all but is valid in the journey of a Second Life avatar. Of course the typist who owns the laptop, pays the bills and has a human life to live gets the final say but I am more likely to be having this blog reflect more of my life. We are sorting it out.

mechanical circus_017Please….you can laugh or roll your eyes but don’t even mention intervention.

mechanical circus_019And so goes yet another ephemeral scene in Second Life. There are troubles to be sure but with all the amazing creativity in the world, virtual reality will go on in some form or another. There’s always something wonderful to explore just around the bend.