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mech circus_006I’m so glad I read the note card given at the entrance of Mechanical Circus. A quote from the artist, Yooma Mayo, was really inspiring to me: “I love primwork.” Until then I hadn’t thought about what Mechanical Circus was made of; I’m guessing Prims.

I’m aware of prims and mesh when shopping for clothes or furniture but with art installations I take in the visuals and ambiance without thought to what they’re made of.

mech circus_002Anyone who looks closely at these pictures will see my male alt wearing the Mechanical Circus avatar that is available as a gift at the landing point.

Anyway, I’m less than two years old in Second Life and have despaired of ever making things from the little I’ve read about mesh. Sometimes I get the impression that no one is making anything with prims anymore. Like everyone, I need to prioritize my time but now it feels like I could possibly create small objects, that it wouldn’t be so very out of my reach. Not on such a grand scale, of course, but just to see what expression I could come up with.

mech circus_004These photos were cropped and exposure adjusted. I used region settings but didn’t change draw distance or anything; I’ve learned that isn’t such a good idea for me to mess with preferences too much.

After I enjoyed this installation I went to Lost City where the study for this is located. It will be gone after July 31st as well but I certainly want to return to see some of the beautiful buildings.  There are two photos on my flickr, which is accessible from this page and can be viewed in the sidebar at this time without without leaving.

mechanical circus_018

The picture above is the only one in this set that my avatar isn’t in.mech circus_003I did way more flying and hovering than usual. There are amazing details and angles everywhere and I can’t imagine what it would be like to work on something of this scope. It’s well worth seeing.