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Mechanical Circus gift avatar in Ghostville

Second Life may be shrinking but there’s lots of quality experiences to be enjoyed. Lately it’s crossed my mind that I’ve found enough to post twice a day, if I had the time.

As I mentioned yesterday, I had more shots of Ghostville scheduled for today. When I heard that Mechanical Circus is open July 25–31, which isn’t very long, I visited there as soon as I could. And yes, it’s a visual treat.

This gift avatar is available near the Mechanical Circus landing. I recruited my male alt, who was first rezzed to use the Meta_Body 2 avatars, to model it, explore and take photos. I’ll plan to have those ready Tuesday and Wednesday.

He went to Ghostville to pose for a few photos and look around.

mc avi at Ghostville_02The “sits” were different today. I wonder if it had something to do with my male alt’s AO instead of the female AO I wore the other day. Anyway, I enjoyed my visit and got to wave at one of my favorite bloggers.

There’s a lot of room for improvement in my photography but it’s such a pleasurable activity for me and that’s what matters.